I moved to Helsinki #8 – Final

It’s over! 6 months, 25 weeks, snow, sun, winter, summer, wind, laugh, cry, fun and love.. It was all there. I don’t know how I feel about this. It is sad that I had to leave Finland but on the other hand it feels so good to be back home… View Post

I moved to Helsinki #8

Last month in Helsinki just started and I’m so sad by the idea that I have to leave this country really soon and I’ll be back in The Netherlands by the end of the month. But still 3 weeks to enjoy Finland. At the moment of writing, my holiday just started… View Post

I moved to Helsinki #7 – Midsummer

Time for a Midsummer update! Still in Helsinki ;) and still going strong! I have the feeling that the end of my Finland adventure is almost there, but I will be living here for 2 more months! So nothing to worry about! Let’s take a moment to talk about the weather!… View Post